Amazing shots from a unique perspective

Drones provide a unique perspective for capturing video and photo content.

With the ability to fly up to 120m in the air, they allow us to capture amazing shots of buildings, locations and other points of interest that would be impossible to see from the ground.

Over the years, we’ve used our drones for capturing shots of client premises, tracking shots of vehicles, and routine aerial surveys showing progress on large construction sites.

They’ve allowed us to get footage and photos that would have never been possible before – at least not affordably.

Close-up of a dark grey DJI Mavic 3 drone in flight, captured from below against a soft blue sky with blurred white clouds. The drone's propellers are spinning, creating motion blur, and red navigation lights are visible on its arms. The drone's camera and sensors are facing forward, ready for aerial photography or videography.


Add creative impact with aerial video and photography

Whether you require a high-impact establishing shot of a location, footage of work being carried out in an outdoor environment, or a high resolution aerial survey of your sites or structures, our team can help.

In addition to being qualified and insured pilots, it also helps that we’re experienced creative filmmakers and photographers too. The aerial shots that we capture add tremendous visual impact to any video project.

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Alternatives to Aerial Video

Alternatives to aerial

If using a drone isn’t a feasible option for your production, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without.

Depending on what your project needs, we can utilise camera cranes, wire cams, and industrial equipment such as cherry pickers to get the vantage shots you need without the legal restrictions that come with flying an aircraft.

Don’t panic about the rules just yet, though. Our team will review all options during the planning process of your project.

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