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Aerial Videography
Bespoke Video Production Services

Aerial videography can add creative impact to any video project with an outdoor element. Whether you require a high impact establishing shot of a location or point of interest, footage of large scale work being carried out in an outdoor environment, or high resolution video surveying of your sites or structures, our team can help.

We work exclusively with fully trained and CAA certified aerial pilots, supplied either from our in-house talent pool or via one of our qualified aerial partners. You can rest assured knowing that any aerial team supplied by Southpoint Films is working safely within the parameters of the law and with full knowledge of how to fly their aircraft. Our primary focus when capturing aerial footage is risk mitigation – a necessity not always considered by unqualified, amateur drone operators.

All of this is to say that we do what it takes to safely provide high quality aerial services to get the shots you need to make your projects soar. Want more information about this service? Contact us.


Additional information

Aerial Videography Services

Can you use aerial videography within your video project?

Without special permission from relevant authorities, any unmanned aerial vehicle (such as a drone) must be used in accordance with CAA guidelines.

These are basic rules that every UAV operator must follow, which are detailed on NATS and CAA’s Dronesafe website.

Although the prospect of rules and regulations may seem daunting, our team is on hand to help you determine whether aerial videography is a suitable option for your next video project.

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Fully Qualified and Insured

Using any form of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for commercial purposes in the UK requires a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority. Having a PfCO is a requirement for not only using a drone for commercial filming but is also a requirement for standard insurances such as Public Liability, which is essential while carrying out aerial activities.

Our two pilots, Rowan and Paul, are fully trained with an NQE in UAV operation and are both covered by our PfCO and our insurance for carrying out commercial aerial work.

Alternatives to aerial

If using an aerial drone isn’t a feasible option for your production, it doesn’t mean that you have to go completely without. We have access to a variety of camera jibs that allow us to raise the camera up to a high vantage point. With our own equipment we can raise the camera up to 3.5m from the ground for lifting and panning shots, and we can source larger jibs should they be needed.

Depending on what your project needs, we can also look at utilising equipment such as wire cams, and industrial equipment such as cherry pickers and cranes to get the vantage shots you need without the legal restrictions that come with flying an aircraft.

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