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Event A/V Services
Bespoke Video Production Services

Having strong audio visual services at a corporate event, such as a conference or lecture, makes our video production process much smoother. Too often we’re given an audio feed from the venue’s PA system that lacks the quality needed to deliver an effective video recording, or we’re unable to get a feed at all, leaving us to manage our own microphones in addition to the A/V set up at the venue, which is confusing for the presenters and can cause interference both in the room and on the recording.

To help reduce these headaches, we offer light audio visual services for events that are booked under our standard event video production services. For the cost of an additional member of staff to join us on site, we can supply a projector, PA speakers and microphones to be used within the event venue for the benefit of the audience on the day, all while making sure that the above is compatible and optimised for our filming needs.

The benefit to us is that we can receive a high quality audio recording of everything happening on the day with little complication to our video setup. In addition, we can easily integrate our A/V system with our live video streaming systems, making it even easier for you to broadcast your next event live online. But the real benefit comes to you, as an event organiser. By consolidating your A/V and video recording under one roof you have one point of call for everything audio-visual. And you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got it under control both for the venue and for the edit suite.

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