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Looking for a crew that can handle the filming for your next production? Look no further. At Southpoint Films, we’ve filmed videos for all kinds of businesses and events. Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end video production package, or simply need crew (and kit) to handle a specific filming task, we’re here to help.

From single camera, multi camera and studio shoots, to specialist filming such as aerial and 360° VR. We can handle it all.

Our customers always comment on how easy it is working with us. Whether it’s our flexibility with booking shoots, or how we coach the talent on the day. We’ll do everything we can to make your shoot as stress-free as possible.

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A woman, seen from behind, is filming a man working on machinery inside the engine room of a cruise ship. She wears a shirt with "Southpoint Films" printed on the back. The man is focused on a piece of equipment. The camera's screen is visible, showing what's being recorded. The room is filled with industrial machinery in green hues, suggesting a complex and technical environment.

Single Camera

“Single camera” describes shoots which use one primary camera for filming. Commonly, the outcome of these shoots is a promotional video, training video or event highlights video. For us, it’s a shoot where creativity is key!

We have a range of camera packages for this type of filming. From large sensor video cameras to hybrid video-and-stills cameras which can also be used for capturing photographs at the same time.

See some examples of our single camera work

Multi Camera

Multi camera shoots tend to be more technical productions. For example: conferences, webinars, outside broadcasts and video podcasts.

We have plenty of options for these types of shoots. We have cinematic cameras, broadcast cameras, robotic PTZs, and plenty of equipment for real-time video mixing and live streaming.

On top of that, we have a dedicated outside broadcasting trailer which is the perfect companion for music festivals and other outdoor events.

Close-up of a Canon PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera with "4K VIDEO LENS" printed on the lens, indicating high-resolution capabilities. A status light glows red, showing it's active or recording. A label on the camera reads "PROPERTY OF Southpoint Films Ltd" with contact information. The blurred background features studio equipment and a red screen, suggesting a professional filming setting.
A woman in a beige blazer and black shirt is seated and smiling slightly towards the camera during a video production, with a green screen background. Two professional video cameras are focused on her, one displaying her image on its screen, illustrating a behind-the-scenes view of a broadcast or filming setup.

Studio Production

Our team are pros when it comes to studio-based filming. Whether you’re after a simple “piece to camera” style shoot in front of a green screen, or a multi camera live event like a webinar or awards show. We can handle it all.

Our team can assist with hiring studios and producing shoots, we can operate an existing studio at your premises, or we can use our equipment to create a studio setup on location.

On top of that, we’ve even got our own, exclusive in-house studio at our offices in Southampton which you can book along with our filming services.

Remote Production

In today’s connected world, we inevitably find ourselves needing to record interviews, presentations and pieces to camera with remote contributors.

But instead of using everyday video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, which produce mediocre quality recordings, we use professional broadcast video calling systems. These allow us to record your guests independently, with much higher audio and video fidelity.

And it’s not just about technology; you also get the benefit of working with our expert team. We’ll ensure that your remote guests not only look and sound their best but also deliver performances that captivate your audience.

A workstation with multiple computer screens displaying a video conference or webinar in progress. The central screen features a "Summary" slide about economic and legal perspectives in Portugal, with a speaker's video on the side. Additional screens show various participants and technical controls for the session. The desk is equipped with an audio interface, a microphone, a Stream Deck panel for managing the session, and a laptop, all indicating a professional multimedia setup.
A black quadcopter drone with a camera, labeled "MAVIC", is captured in mid-flight against a soft-focus blue sky with light clouds. The drone's rotors are in motion, indicated by a slight blur, and red and green navigation lights are visible on the tips of its arms.

Aerial Videography

We use the latest drone technology to capture amazing footage from the sky.

Over the years, we’ve filmed fantastic aerial shots in all kinds of environments. We’ve captured care homes, schools, charity events, construction projects and more with our drones.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to flying a drone. All of our pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority at “A2” competency, the standard for most drone videographers. We’re also fully insured for our drone operations.

Learn more about our aerial videography services

360° VR Video

Create immersive video experiences with 360° VR video. This unique format is ideal for projects where the viewer needs to feel like they’re part of the action, or needs a 360° view of what’s happening around them.

We’ve had great success using 360° VR videos to create virtual tours, “day in the life” videos, virtual training, and for capturing events.

With our high resolution Insta360 cameras, your viewers will be amazed at what they can see!

Learn more about our 360° VR video services

A 360-degree camera is positioned in the foreground with a view of a blurred sports stadium filled with spectators in the background. The camera, with its distinctive spherical shape and multiple lenses, is likely capturing an immersive video of the event. The focus on the camera against the vibrant but out-of-focus backdrop of the crowd creates a dynamic contrast between technology and live sports atmosphere.
close-up of a black time-lapse camera secured with a chain to a metal post outdoors. The camera lens is prominently displayed in the center, and the brand "brinno" is visible. The camera overlooks a tranquil field with lush greenery and trees under a clear blue sky, suggesting it's set up to capture a sequence of images over time to show changes in the natural landscape.


Imagine capturing your entire project from start to finish in stunning, professional HD.

Our purpose built time-lapse cameras are perfect for capturing long term projects. They’re weatherproof, battery powered, and can be left capturing time-lapse video for up to one year. (Depending on the model and capture frequency.)

We find that time-lapses are an excellent way to promote your work, as well as showing stakeholders the progress on your site. They love seeing how their project is coming along… and where their money is going!

Learn more about our time-lapse services

2023 Southpoint Films Team Photo

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Of course, our services are nothing without our incredible team of video production professionals.

We work tirelessly to bring our passion and enthusiasm for video production to every project we work on. No matter the subject.

Whether we’re providing coverage of a top 10 UK music festival, or filming a tutorial for an industrial vacuum cleaner. Everyone gets the same, great service.

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