Behind the scenes of our live stream for Southern Co-Op in 2020

Make your virtual events stand out

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have turned to tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to host DIY virtual events. However, nobody wants to be stuck in a half-baked conference call for hours.

We can host events entirely virtually with an unlimited number of guests. All they need to do is log in, turn on their webcam, and we’ll do the rest.

Alternatively, we can host your virtual event in real, interesting locations while working safely. We use strict social distancing, PPE and other measures to bring your events to life without compromise or risk.

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What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming lets us broadcast video content in realtime – either online through the internet or to screens at an events venue.

In our experience, online live streaming is ideal for conferences, seminars and training presentations where there’s a large audience who might not be able to attend in person, but still need access to the content on the day.

For larger events, live streaming (or outside broadcasting) can be used for image magnification on screens around the venue to help with audience accessibility and engagement.

In either scenario, a recording of the live stream can be made available to watch “on demand” after the event.


Reach an audience beyond the venue

Live streaming your events online allows you to reach a global audience, letting people all over the world watch, engage and interact in realtime.

It’s estimated that at least 30% of people who register to attend an event don’t turn up; usually because other commitments get in the way, or because unexpected travel disruption prevents their attendance.

By providing an online live stream, those who would previously be missing out are still able to benefit without the need to travel to a centralised venue.

Benefits of online streaming

Reach an audience anywhere in the world – your event is no longer limited by geography
Reduces the need for travel, which cuts emissions, saves cost and limits the spread of infections
Lets delegates prioritise their attention, allowing them to tune in for just the sessions that interest them
Allows your event to scale without needing to hire a bigger venue or book more catering
Increases engagement with your company and brand on social media
Provides an additional revenue stream if monetised through advertising or online ticketing

Improve the event experience for your delegates

If your event attracts a large audience, or is a showcase for intricate demonstrations, you’ll benefit from image magnification through our live streaming service.

We can provide single and multi-camera coverage that plugs into existing screens located at the venue, or we can supply dedicated screens for your event through one of our A/V partners.

Image Magnification

Benefits of image magnification

Help delegates see what's happening on stage, even from the back row, by broadcasting the event to screens
Increase the production value of your event by incorporating branding and graphics into the broadcast
Display dynamic advertisements and other communications on the screens in the venue

Why Southpoint Films?


We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of live streaming and outside broadcast projects. From streaming lectures at major project management conferences, to providing camera crews at large outdoor music festivals, we know what it takes to produce live video content.

Our technical knowledge of live streaming combined with our creative knowledge of video production and video marketing allows us to produce a live stream that’s high quality, enjoyable to watch, and most importantly, achieves your goals.

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