What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming lets us broadcast video content in real-time, either online through the internet or to screens at an event venue. Meaning you can reach new and existing audiences, whether they’re virtual, physical, or a mix of both.

We’ve been producing virtual and hybrid events since 2013 so, whether you’re organising a conference, festival, awards ceremony, AGM or another corporate event, we can live-stream it!

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Live video solutions for every event

No matter your event, we’ll find the right live video solution for you. We can also help with other event video requirements too.

Live Streaming In Person Events

Live Streaming

Live streaming gives your online audience the ability to watch what’s happening at your event in realtime. It’s a fantastic way of opening up your event to a remote audience, which makes your event accessible to those who can’t travel to the physical venue.

When it comes to live streams, we can simply provide cameras and crew for streaming your event online. Or we can be a full A/V partner. We can provide mics, PAs, lighting, projectors, and screens, as well as all of our live streaming equipment.

Your audience will be able to watch our live stream online using a service of your choice. We can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo or any other RTMP-based streaming service – as well as video conferencing systems like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Many of these platforms also provide interactive functions, like Q&As and polls, for basic audience interaction.

Live Streaming In Person Events

Virtual Events

Our virtual events service provides a remote A/V technician (or team) to manage your Zoom or Microsoft Teams webinars and conferences. This allows us to deliver slick, polished virtual events that don’t feel like typical Zoom or Teams calls.

On the day, your hosts and guests dial in remotely, much like normal. Behind the scenes, we’ll make sure all of the presentations are loaded correctly, and we’ll professionally mix the audio and video. This avoids all of the common technical errors that occur during DIY virtual presentations.

On top of that, we can enhance the virtual event experience further. We can add your branding throughout. We can create virtual green rooms for briefing presenters before they go live, and display timers to keep the event on schedule. And we can record the full event in HD.

In summary, it’s like operating an in-person event, except without the hassle and expense of hiring a venue and organising travel, accommodation and catering.

Live Streaming In Person Events

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events use live streaming technology to bridge two or more audiences together to create one coherent event experience.

Typically, hybrid events are run through video conferencing services like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and use our live streaming technology to augment the experience. For example, it’s possible to have a panel session with a mixture of online and in-person presenters. Or a Q&A session that gives in-person and online guests an equal ability to ask questions, either verbally or via text. In one case, we ran a hybrid event that bridged two in-person venues in different locations for a tick-tock presentation schedule that spanned across both venues.

The key to hybrid events is giving all audiences an equal experience, no matter where or how they choose to attend. It may seem easy to do this using off-the-shelf video conferencing software, but it’s a surprisingly complicated task to get right. This is where we come in. By using live streaming and virtual event technology, we take away the headache and make even the most ambitious hybrid event run smoothly.

Live Streaming In Person Events

Outside Broadcast & Image Magnification

If your event attracts a large audience, or contains intricate product demonstrations, you’ll benefit from our image magnification services.

Our cameras are used for capturing what’s happening on stage. The camera feed is then mixed and shown on large LED screens, TVs or projectors. (We can plug into existing or hired infrastructure, or we can source screens for you.) During breaks, we can show branding, or sponsor videos, and we can put up custom, on-the-fly messages to help guide your audience around the venue, arena or festival site. All of our productions can be recorded in HD for future distribution and marketing purposes. Additionally, an online live stream is only an internet connection away!

Image magnification is commonly used at festivals and outdoor events, so it comes hand-in-hand with outside broadcasting. We’ve provided cameras at a number of major UK music festivals, and are geared up for all weather conditions. Working from one of our production vans or trailers, we can supply HD video for LED screens – including handling the graphics from artists’ video teams.

Tools we use for Live Streaming

Powered by the best

We use industry-leading software and hardware to deliver live events. Our tools include Blackmagic ATEM systems, vMix, Wirecast, and our growing range of professional cameras, microphones, lights and other video production equipment.

For remote callers, we can integrate guests using vMix Call and Wirecast Rendezvous, or we can use consumer-friendly applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

We can also integrate other content, such as presentations and pre-made videos.

When it comes to streaming, we’re platform agnostic. Our live streaming hardware can pretend to be a webcam, which means that we can broadcast our content almost anywhere. Whether you want to broadcast to YouTube, Zoom, Teams or something else, we can make it happen.

Recent Live Streaming Projects

Live streaming a hybrid event for NHS Health Education England

Our mission to create inclusive events

If your organisation cares about improving equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within your workplace, live streaming should be a no-brainer consideration for every event.

For starters, it allows people to attend your event from anywhere. There’s no requirement to be in a specific place. This benefits anyone who needs any flexibility in their schedule, for whatever reason. It also helps people who have physical impairments who might struggle to access an in-person event venue.

Additionally, live streaming opens your event to people who become overwhelmed in large crowds and busy public spaces. This can be helpful for neurodivergent people with conditions like autism, and also for people who are cautious about operating in a post-Covid world.

There are many other “human benefits” to live streaming. The simple fact is, the more options people have for accessing your event, the easier it is for people across the spectrum to engage with it. Which is why our mission is for every event to adopt live streaming, to open up to as wide an audience as possible, so that nobody misses out.

"It looked like the flippin' BBC..."

A testimonial from Dr Andrew Delo, The PM Channel by Provek

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of live streaming and outside broadcast projects. From streaming lectures at major project management conferences, to providing camera crews at large outdoor music festivals, we know what it takes to produce live video content.

Our technical knowledge of live streaming combined with our creative knowledge of video production and video marketing allows us to produce a live stream that’s high quality, enjoyable to watch, and most importantly, achieves your goals.

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