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Our professional video editing service for businesses and events

Editing is the most important part of the video production process. You could have the best footage in the world, but it takes a great editor to turn it into something worth watching.

As an end-to-end video production company, we naturally excel at editing footage we capture. But frequently, we’re also tasked with editing footage that our customers have captured themselves. In that scenario, our editors provide tremendous value in fixing common image and audio issues, as well as doing their usual magic to create great video content!

Whether you’re looking for a full video production service, or you’re simply looking for support with editing your footage, we’re here to help.

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Our latest editing work...

Edited with precision

From colour grading to audio mastering, the vast majority of the work we do in post-production won’t be noticeable to your viewers. In fact, our editors are much like magicians. If you can see how the tricks are done, they’ve failed at their job!

Whether we’re doing a simple edit or something more complex, most of our work is designed to be invisible. Take a look at the work that went into tidying up this shot from a promotional video we made for Redlux. We were tasked with making a busy workshop look like a sterile, white void. We think we nailed it. The audience will never know what we started with.

1904 Remote Editing

Cutting on the go

Many of our editing systems are designed to “fly away”. This means that we can pack them up and take them on the road with us.

This is great for events, which often require fast video turnarounds, yet can take place anywhere in the world. We’ve provided on-site editing at events in locations like London, Toronto and Dubai for creating as-it-happens highlights reels for social media and live playback.

We’ve also provided on-location editing of “B Roll” packages for news broadcasters, and on-site edits for PR and marketing campaigns with tight deadlines.

Additionally, we can also provide on-site video mixing and live streaming through our live streaming services.

Step up a gear with animation

In addition to our video editing services, we can also help with animation projects.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a fully animated video, some motion graphics, or – simply – a bit of life to be added to on-screen text and logos. Our team of 2D and 3D animators can help.

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