Terms of Supply

These terms cover the conditions in which a contractor shall supply services to Southpoint Films Ltd. We enforce these conditions to ultimately keep both our clients and our suppliers happy.


Before any work commences a price must be agreed. This will be the budget for the project.

If the project later requires additional work that was not budgeted, a new price must be agreed before any further work is continued, otherwise we might not be able to make payment.

Payment will only be made once a formal invoice has been submitted to us. We aim to pay all invoices within 30 days of the invoice being issued, assuming the work has been signed off and accepted.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to make all declarations and payments regarding their income to HMRC, and/or any other relevant authorities.


All costs of sale must be quoted within the initial estimate for the work, and must be approved prior to the work commencing.

All expenses properly incurred shall be reimbursed if they are supported by receipts.


We reserve the right to refuse payment (and claim for relevant damages, if necessary) should the contractor fail to supply.

Failure to supply is considered to be, although is not limited to, failure caused by absence, delays, technical fault, accidental or user error.


If a contractor becomes aware that they can no longer supply, they must immediately notify us and find a suitable alternative solution. (Suitable as agreed by Southpoint Films Ltd.)

We reserve the right to charge the contractor for any costs incurred as a result of disruption to our work and for any resulting damages to our business because they can no longer supply.


Southpoint Films Ltd offers no liabilities, indemnities or insurances for contractors.

Contractors must have adequate insurance for all activities undertaken on behalf of Southpoint Films Ltd, and may be asked to provide evidence.


The contractor is responsible for ensuring safe and correct operation of any equipment provided to them by Southpoint Films Ltd.

In the event of any loss or damage, the contractor will be responsible for the repair or replacement of any items.


The copyright of any content produced by the contractor for Southpoint Films Ltd shall belong solely and exclusively to Southpoint Films Ltd at all times. At no point and under no circumstances shall the contractor publish, copy, reproduce, or distribute any content.


The contractor will treat all knowledge, information or other content shared by Southpoint Films Ltd as strictly confidential and not within the realm of public knowledge.


It is forbidden for a contractor to use social media or other digital platforms to promote their involvement in any project with Southpoint Films Ltd.

We also require that contractors do not use their mobile phones while carrying out tasks on location unless it is being used for work purposes or an emergency.


Whilst conducting work for Southpoint Films Ltd, and for a period of twelve months following the completion of any work, the contractor must not attempt to canvass or solicit the clients of Southpoint Films Ltd, or behave in a way that is competitive or destructive to the business of Southpoint Films Ltd.


Contractors will be required to adhere to a dress code when working on location.

Contractors may be required to wear branded clothing which will be provided by Southpoint Films Ltd. Otherwise clothing should be plain, black or dark, and unbranded. Please ensure that all clothes fit well, are neatly presented, and that footwear is suitable for the environment.

We will notify the contractor if Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required and/or supplied.

All provided clothing is to be returned to Southpoint Films Ltd on completion of the work.


The contractor’s services are strictly limited to the requirements of the project. There is no employment relationship inferred in this agreement and there is no guarantee of continued work.

If you do not agree to these terms we politely ask you not to work with us. By continuing to work with Southpoint Films Ltd you unconditionally agree to these terms. These terms supersede any other agreements between Southpoint Films Ltd and the contractor.

Last reviewed: 24th March 2020