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15th March 2019 | Posted in News

Provek is a project management training provider based in the UK, servicing major corporate clients such as BAE Systems and Nationwide Building Society.

In 2011 Provek created The PM Channel, an online video-based learning and development platform for project managers. Their channel is currently home to over 1,000 videos. These include everything from interviews and recordings of industry conferences for CPD purposes, to project management courses that award professional qualifications.

Since 2013, Southpoint Films have provided The PM Channel with a “one-stop” video service. In addition to providing traditional video production services we’ve also worked with Provek to deliver live streaming at industry events, and have migrated The PM Channel to our Vimsy service, which they’ve been delighted with.

The PM Channel is a subscription service and we’re selling it to the likes of BAE Systems. The quality of the video production was paramount, not just to our corporate clients but also to our partners.

So the Association for Project Management in the UK; when we partnered with them and they gave us access to all of their conferences, the first thing that they were most interested in was the production values – the quality of the end result. And when they saw it they were blown away.

We have done a couple of events where we had live streaming and that was incredibly professional. It looked like the flippin’ BBC to me. Superb quality.

– Dr Andrew Delo, Founder of The PM Channel

To find out more about The PM Channel, and to see examples of our work with them, check out their channel at www.thepmchannel.com


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