If you’re on this page, it’s because you’ve found Vimsy.

Vimsy was an online service for managing video content that was dreamed, designed and developed by the team at Southpoint Films.

By every measure that we’d ever had for it, Vimsy was a huge success. In fact, Vimsy actually exceeded our expectations. But, unfortunately, we had to cease running the service in April 2020.

A constantly changing technology landscape, the emergence of competition from more established players, and the introduction of global legislations related to privacy, copyright and payments processing made us realise that it was time to cut our losses and return to focussing on what we do best; making great videos for even greater customers.

Vimsy taught us a lot about building and scaling a technology product – experience that we now utilise daily while working with customers who are also building innovative products and services like ours.

We want to sincerely thank everybody who used Vimsy at any point over the five years we ran the service, to everybody who shared our product with friends and colleagues, to those who gave us their custom, and to those who had belief in our product.

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