Where should you put your videos? [2019 Edition]

8th October 2018 | Posted in Resources

Three years ago I wrote a pair of blog posts about where to host your videos and where to share them online. (They’re so out of date now that I wouldn’t even attempt to try reading them!) The sheer size of this topic is clear from the fact that I tried to split it into two different blogs posts – I didn’t dare to make a video for it as I knew the video wouldn’t be anywhere near as succinct as our others. But, increasingly, this is a subject we’re being asked about by our clients and we decided to reassess whether we could try and condense it down into something watchable.

To help me out, I invited a very special guest from the world of video marketing to our studio where I interviewed them about all things video marketing. I won’t reveal the surprise but I’m fairly confident that you all know who this person is. To say they’re influential on me as a filmmaker and video marketer is an understatement. In our short interview we dive into video marketing and cover pretty much everything you need to know about putting your videos online. You can watch it above. Enjoy!

If you’re not able to watch the video above, like if you’re somewhere where you can’t play sound, or you’d simply prefer to read about this topic instead, you can read this interview in text format on the Vimsy Blog. Some of these answers elaborate a little further on what was discussed in the interview, so you might find it interesting to read even if you’ve watched the video.

Read The Transcript on Vimsy

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