First Impressions of Instagram TV

10th July 2018 | Posted in Resources

Last month Instagram unveiled Instagram TV (IGTV), a brand new platform for sharing video content on smartphones and the web.

While Instagram TV contains all of the features that you would expect from a modern social video platform, such as videos that play sequentially, the ability to see what your friends have uploaded, and – for creators – access to insights about how many views your videos have received and the general engagement throughout the video, the most unique feature of IGTV is the requirement to upload videos in “Portrait” format.

Instagram is an incredibly popular social network that is owned by Facebook, so their entry into this space is significant. Is it something business owners should be adopting? And where does it fit in the video strategy?

Watch the video above to hear my thoughts on what this means for video creators and whether you should be adopting IGTV within your business. Alternatively, read my extended write up on the Vimsy Blog:

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