TJ Transport Celebrates Prestigious Industry Award For Video Strategy Led By Southpoint Films

9th November 2017 No comments

About Vimsy

This article references Vimsy, an online platform that we built for managing online video content. It was released to the public in September 2016 and closed in April 2020.

If you’re curious, you can learn more here.

TJ Transport are one of the largest bulk haulage providers in the south of England and, along with TJ Waste, comprise the TJ Group. We recently worked with them to produce a series of safety training videos for their workforce of 150 drivers, using our online video management system Vimsy as the delivery platform.

The video embedded above was created as part of their winning submission for the Transport for London award for Reducing Occupational Road Risk, awarded by the Mineral Products Association. It was produced independently and without our involvement. (We’ve added a brief top and tail here for context.)

The benefits that TJ touted for this method of training delivery are as follows:

  • Accessible to the whole company – every employee has a dedicated log-in
  • A consistent place for new drivers to be inducted and carry out theory training on topics such as vehicle checks, paperwork and safety best practice
  • Training can be carried out anytime, anywhere, according to driver preference. A tangible example of this was when employing a new driver on the Isle of Wight
  • Flexibility in allowing drivers to build their own training timetable – videos could either be viewed in one session or in lots of smaller, bite-sized sessions
  • Once the driver has reviewed all the material and feels ready, they can complete the online TJ Transport Drivers Knowledge Assessment (via an embedded PDF form)
  • New drivers to be paid a set fee for the time invested into successfully completing their induction
  • Ability for drivers to be inducted into TJ Transport’s customers’ protocols and procedures so for example, [Redacted]’s induction presentation was converted to video and is now available on the portal
  • Future training dates are posted on the portal (via the “Pages” function)
  • All users’ activity is recorded and reported to the compliance manager, including detail such as % of any video viewed and when

The video above further demonstrates the benefits of using video for delivering effective and consistent training material. You can find out more about the benefits of training videos on our Training Videos page.

TJ’s win comes hot on the heels of several recognitions for marketing company Carswell Gould and their client John Mason who’ve also received awards for videos that we produced as the staple of two humorous promotional campaigns this year. In both cases we’re delighted to have helped our clients receive industry recognition and share their success.

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