Bitterne Park School – “Day In The Life” of a Student Video

Bitterne Park School in Southampton asked us to produce a video to showcase the magic of a typical school day through the eyes of a Year 7 student. Our mission was clear: create a video that not only promotes the school but also soothes the nerves of prospective students, reassuring them that the transition to secondary school is far from scary.

After an initial meeting with the school, we came up with this “Day In The Life” concept. We feverishly began writing a script, which was later narrated by one of the children from the school.

The video is filmed from the point of view of a student and shows a portrayal of daily activities, from attending classes to participating in after-school clubs and enjoying social moments. We wanted to provide an immersive journey that future students could connect with. It meant that, when it came to filming, our camera operator had to sit in the school lessons again – for the first time in over 15 years!

Our cast for the day consisted of around 20 enthusiastic drama-loving students who stepped into their roles with infectious energy. They were excellent at taking direction, and interacted with our camera as if it was another student. The end result is fun and immersive, and we think it does a great job of showing people what to expect from a day at Bitterne Park School!

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