BOKS International – Annual Global Conference, Barcelona

BOKS International is a membership alliance for accounting and law firms. Members of BOKS support each other with regional tax and legal queries, providing their respective customers with local expertise.

To strengthen relationships among their member base, BOKS hosts an annual global conference, where members get together to network, share best practices, and make new connections. The conference tours around different cities, with 2023’s conference taking place in Barcelona.

For the past few years, we’ve been supporting BOKS by providing a media package for these in-person conferences. This involves producing a highlights reel, daily recap videos, full presentation recordings, and also providing high quality photography.

Here’s a short presentation recording from the event:

And here’s the full event recap:

It sounds like a lot of material – and it is! By working smartly, we provide all of the above with just one multiskilled operator, who shoots a mixture of photo and video content, as well as carrying out on-site editing. This keeps costs down, as only one member of our team needs to travel to these exotic locations.

Our work at BOKS’ conferences is a perfect example of our capabilities at Southpoint Films, and demonstrates the flexibility of our team.

In addition to covering these conferences, we also work with BOKS on regular member webinars, webcasts, and company promotional videos.

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