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We’ve been assisting BOKS International with their online webinars for several years now. What started, for us, as simply editing recordings of presentations given on Zoom has now become a professional virtual event.

This allows us to add BOKS branding, customise the layout of presenters and slides, and “stage manage” the production so that it flows much more smoothly than a typical Zoom call. As a result, BOKS’s webinars are so much slicker!

The video above is an excerpt from one of the webinars we’ve produced. This one features two guest presenters who joined us remotely from the US, as well as BOKS’ host Richard, who is based in Bristol. The event was produced from our offices in Southampton, and the final result was delivered through Zoom Webinars to an audience of attendees located all around the world.

Our virtual event setup

These webinars are a great example of what can be achieved with our virtual events setup, pictured above.This setup uses two computers and several pieces of professional live broadcasting equipment to bring the show together.

The computer on the left produces the show. Our host and guests join a call on this computer and are placed in a virtual green room. Our technician can do any necessary pre-event checks, and guests can talk to each other without any attendees hearing. When the green room is active, all that attendees can see is a holding slide and all they hear is holding music.

The computer on the right is used for running Zoom Webinar, which is BOKS’ platform of choice for their events. (This setup could be used with Microsoft Teams, YouTube and other platforms too.)

When attendees join, they’re able to see the webinar. They can also interact with the webinar by leaving comments and asking questions, which are relayed to the host and guests during the Q&A session at the end of the event.

The best part of this setup is that the webinar is recorded professionally using professional broadcast recorders. Unlike the cloud recording systems provided within Zoom, we have a high bitrate HD video file available immediately after the show finishes. This is uploaded to YouTube for BOKS’ members to watch later, if they missed the live event.

As we said earlier, it’s a really slick set up!

Virtual events are a great way of engaging with a large, distributed audience, and BOKS have seen great success with theirs. And by working with us, we handle all of the tricky technical aspects of producing the event. In the same way that a good A/V partner can take the headaches out of managing a physical event, we’ve been able to take the headaches out of running these virtual events.

Are you looking for a technical partner to produce your next virtual event?  Why not get in touch to find out how we can help or click here to find out more about our live video services.

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