HeartFM – Global’s Make Some Noise Campaign Drone Shoot

Global’s Make Some Noise supports small UK charities helping to improve lives. They work with some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations, such as Heart FM, who asked us to carry out a drone shoot in Brighton to promote their fundraising campaign.

The shoot involved flying over the busy Brighton beach and promenade, to capture drone footage of the Brighton i360. All whilst TV presenter and singer Ashley Roberts powered the tower using a static bike to get the pod to the top. Could she get to the top before time ran out?

This shoot was particularly notable because it involved flying all the way to the top of the 162 metres tall tower. In most circumstances, drones are only allowed to fly to a height of 120m, but because we were filming around a tall structure  we were able to go higher than usual.

This would be no sweat with our big, powerful drones, like the DJI Mavic. But, because of the busy location, for safety and legal reasons we had to use a small drone that weighed less than 250 grams. For us, this involved purchasing a special mini drone for the shoot, which had only been released to the market two weeks before the big day. Talk about being early adopters!

So, we had a brand new, tiny drone which had to fly above the usual height limit for drones. And we were also flying right next to the coast, where the winds are usually higher, over the UK’s most popular seafront at breakfast rush hour. The stakes were high – and that was before Ashley started pedalling!

Thankfully, everything went to plan. The drone (and pilot!) held up amazingly, and we captured some amazing footage of Ashley completing her charity challenge, which played a part in raising £3 million for small charities across the UK.

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