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ICE is one of the largest suppliers of professional cleaning machines in Europe. In addition to selling equipment, ICE supports their customers with training and maintenance of the machines. This is where our videos come in.

Over the years, we’ve produced hundreds of videos for the products ICE distributes. These videos help reduce support requests, and also assist with large, nationwide mobilisations where sending a member of staff to sites isn’t practical.

A member of ICE’s team presents each video, which is great for building rapport and continuity with their customers. Additionally, each video is subtitled to allow access for the hard of hearing, and to help operators who don’t speak English as their primary language.

From a production perspective, we film these videos with a single camera and operator. On a typical day of filming, we can record videos for three or four different machines, depending on the complexity of the machine itself. In that respect, they’re great value for money as filming in bulk keeps the production costs down.

These training videos have had a tremendous impact on ICE’s business, as you can see here.

The impact of product training videos on ICE’s business:

Southpoint Films have been working with ICE for many years to deliver their training films to great effect – in fact, you can hear for yourself in this lovely testimonial they gave us.

If you’d like to discuss how videos like these can help your business, please get in touch.

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