Motorhome Dealer Group – Promotional Video

Motorhome Dealer Group is a used motorhome specialist. The group includes Three Counties Motorhomes, Countrywide Motorhomes, and VW Kamper Centre.

Over the past few years the group has expanded dramatically. They now occupy two sites – one in Ringwood and another in Poole. To showcase their facilities, we produced this promotional video for them. With a recently renovated handover suite, It was the perfect opportunity to get our cameras out.

The Production Process

This project took a single day to film, and we covered both of Motorhome Dealer Group’s sites. We spent most of the day filming in and around the camper vans, although we also staged a few scenes with real customers. They’d never been on camera before, but they were great sports. (That was a genuine customer handover in the video!)

Throughout the day we used a variety of techniques, including aerial videography. Deploying our drone allowed us to capture the size of the main dealership site in Ringwood, which looked fantastic from the air. If you look carefully enough at the video, you might be able to spot our pilot hiding from it!

After the filming was finished, we took the footage away and edited it. Working with the MDG team, we produced a script which was narrated by a professional voice-over artist.

In conclusion, the end result is a video that explains the three different companies, the motorhomes they stock, and the facilities that the group has available to it. Motorhome Dealer Group have used the video on their website and social media with great success.

Aerial Filming for Motorhome Dealer Group
Can you spot the drone? It was perfect weather for capturing aerial footage of Motorhome Dealer Group’s outdoor showroom in Ringwood.

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