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Provek is a project management training and consultancy specialist. We’ve been working with them since 2014 on a variety of live streaming and video projects! Recently, we’ve been working with Provek to produce live webinars about various project management topics. For example, Diversity & Inclusion, as seen in the above excerpt from a recent webinar. The webinars feature a panel of experts discussing topics in-person at Provek’s offices, which is then broadcast live to Zoom for viewers to tune in and submit questions. They run for approximately an hour.

In addition to the live stream, each webinar is recorded. This gives Provek the ability to republish the video on their e-learning service The PM Channel, as well as cutting out excerpts for sharing on social media. This gives the webinars an additional lease of life, beyond simply the live event.

Since 2020, online webinars have boomed in popularity. But as you’ll see from the excerpt above, this is far beyond a typical Zoom webinar where the presenters are in small boxes on the screen and the hosts are left to also run the technology as well as give their presentations. With our support, these webinars are far more lively, and all of the production is handled by our crew.

In this case, this webinar was operated by one member of our technical video team, who was responsible for cutting between cameras, mixing the microphones, and operating a robotic PTZ camera that moved seamlessly between the two guests. With two static cameras permanently capturing the host and a wide shot, and studio style lighting (set up at Provek’s offices), it’s a very efficient, affordable, and high quality production arrangement. (One of our favourites!)

If you’re looking for help improving the quality of your company’s webinars, or are looking to start producing regular webinars, please get in touch. We’d love to help take the stress out of the production.

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