Redlux – Optilux SD Promotional Video

Redlux designs and produces technology that provides non-contact surface measurement that is rapid, high-precision, and non-intrusive. Their equipment is used for a variety of purposes, including measuring the tolerances of medical aids, such as metal joint replacements.

Redlux asked us to create a promotional video for the Optilux SD, a powerful machine vision solution for the inspection of flat optical surfaces. The brief for this was to produce a video that looked sharp and clinical, with brilliant whites, as if it had been filmed in a studio. However, we couldn’t move the sensitive equipment and this meant creating a studio environment in Redlux’s offices in Southampton.

To create the white backgrounds seen in the video, we had to do a lot of VFX work removing cables and other objects. It was perhaps one of our most demanding projects to date!

Our VFX Breakdown for this project:

This project for Redlux is a really great example of how we use our creative intuition and innovative editing skills to produce a video that looks high end without breaking the bank.

A promotional video is one of the most engaging methods of delivering marketing messages. Within a few minutes, a potential customer is able to understand how your products and services may benefit them.

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