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We’ve been a proud sponsor of Venturefest South’s annual VFS conference since its inception in 2017. Using archive footage that we’d captured at previous events, we produced a series of short videos for use on Venturefest South’s social media channels to help drive ticket sales and inform attendees of what would be happening during the 2019 event.

In total we produced seven different videos, six of which were for specific “zones” within the event, with the seventh being a general promotional video for the event as a whole. (You can see a sample above.)

The videos are all thirty seconds or less, allowing them to be shared on every social media platform without being shortened. They feature on-screen text with light graphics to drive the key messages of each video.

Although the footage for these videos was captured by our team on previous occasions, it remains a good example of how archive footage can be re-edited for different purposes later on.

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