Startup Disruptors – Sponsor Testimonial Video

Startup Disruptors is a Portsmouth-based membership organisation that supports and nurtures startup businesses. In particular, they focus on female-led businesses and startups with neurodivergent founders. They regularly run networking events, as well as competitions.

Recently, Startup Disruptors ran a £20k giveaway where one startup would win a variety of high value products and services. These prizes were kindly donated by sponsors, who you’ll see in the video above.

The judging of the £20k giveaway competition took place at the Goodwood estate. Becky Lodge, founder of Startup Disruptors, invited us along to capture video content on the day. In addition to this video, we also produced videos about the competition, as well as a general promotional video for Startup Disruptors as an organisation.

The reason why we’ve chosen to highlight this particular video is that it’s a great example of a customer testimonial video. It features multiple customers, all of whom have a personal connection to Startup Disruptors’ cause. And it was filmed at an opportune moment, when everyone was together. We feel like the end result is a punchy, high impact video that gives the audience a variety of perspectives to hook onto. We also love the setting!

If you’re looking for a punchy, to-the-point – yet personable – customer testimonial like this for your business, please get in touch.

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