Technical Demolition Services – Southampton Docks Time-Lapse

Technical Demolition Services is a global company that specialises in demolition, dismantling, asbestos removal and land remediation.

TDS asked us to set up several time-lapse cameras at Southampton Docks to capture the demolition of three cranes over a 4 month period. The final video showcases the work of Technical Demolition Services. Monthly updates were provided to show the project’s stakeholders the progress happening on site.

Although this was a very simple project the outcome is really quite impactful, especially when set to fast-paced music. The location and backdrop were pretty impressive too!

Time-lapse is a collection of photographs or sped-up video clips that capture long periods of time at a rapid pace. This method is similar to stop motion animation. Time-lapse photography can be used to condense hours, days or even years’ worth of footage into a short and innovative video that your customers will find engaging. It is best to use time-lapse for long, high-movement processes. As you can see the results can be very impressive!

At Southpoint Films, we offer a flexible and affordable approach to time-lapse photography. We have experience with time-lapse projects of varying lengths.

If you would like to know more about how time-lapse can bring your business, product or service to life, why not get in touch?


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