TUI’s Marella Cruises – Safety Training Videos

We had the privilege of partnering with TUI’s Marella Cruises to produce a series of safety training videos onboard one of their ships in the Canaries. Over the course of eight days, our video crew captured every aspect of the ship’s operations, from the engine room and laundry facilities to the kitchen and swimming pool.

The purpose of this project was to showcase the various onboard safety protocols and procedures. From engaging safety drills and informative walkthroughs, to insightful interviews and glimpses of onboard entertainment. We ensured a comprehensive portrayal of the ship’s safety culture.

The resulting videos serve as invaluable tools for promoting TUI’s Marella Cruises‘ commitment to an open safety culture onboard their ships. Utilised internally, these videos provide crew members and staff across the fleet with essential guidance and support, fostering a safer and more informed environment for all onboard.

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