Turbo Service International – 360º VR Tour

Turbo Service International (TSI) is a market leader in marine and power turbocharger repair and maintenance. They have office locations all over the world including Rotterdam, Houston and Hong Kong and have been providing their services to their customers since 1989.

Turbo Service International asked us to create a virtual video tour of their UK head office facility based in Southampton. We used our 360º camera to capture what goes on at the facility in various departments. This video is part of a bigger project that we are producing for TSI. When finished, the project will include interviews and shots of the facilities as part of a complete media package.

Lots of businesses, including many of our clients, use 360° VR videos to provide virtual tours of their facilities or locations to customers. It helps to reduce the need for customers to attend locations in person to answer simple questions about the facilities.

Unlike traditional media formats, 360° virtual reality video lets the viewers choose which parts of a video or photograph they want to see. 360° VR content is also easy to deploy with services like YouTube and Google Maps, which have excellent support for the format.

At Southpoint Films, we’ve been producing 360° Virtual Reality content commercially since 2015. With our professional 360° cameras we can create 8K 360° videos, 6K 3D 360° videos and 12K 360° photos. Our dedicated 360° VR cameras make capturing 360° VR videos and photos easy and affordable.

If you would like to know more about our 360º VR services, why not get in touch? Because Southpoint Films is a one-stop shop, we can provide you with a full-service package that meets your every need. This means you won’t have to work with several different providers.

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