University of Southampton – “Books and Stories Online” Animations

Recently, the University of Southampton asked us to help with producing an animated e-learning series called “Books and Stories” aimed at primary school children. Our task was to create a series of six animated videos that would introduce interactive online lessons teaching children about storytelling.

Our animated videos followed the adventures of two loveable characters; Read Dog and Neville the Novel. These characters were based on drawings from children at a local school, who came up with the character concepts. They were later voiced by two of our fantastic voice-over artists, Rachel and Matthew.

From children’s drawings to animated characters, this is how the characters of Read Dog and Neville the Novel were created.

We love being part of projects that make learning fun and creative, and this project with Read Dog and Neville was no exception. Being able to take the children’s ideas and turn them into real, professionally animated characters was incredibly special, and we can’t wait to see how they’re received when the full programme is rolled out.

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