University of Southampton Lifelab – COVID Warriors

In 2021, Lifelab at the University of Southampton approached us to produce a series of videos about COVID-19. The catch? They’re for primary school students and incorporate a group of superhero puppets that the children have designed. Could we help? Of course we could!

Over two days, we filmed twelve different videos about COVID-19. The videos starred our two presenters, Fi and James, plus six puppets; Ace, Bubbles, Buddy, Hidey, Q and Stretch. (Also voiced by Fi and James.)

Each video explored a different part of the pandemic and associated rules. For example, social distancing, face masks and vaccines. The scripts were written by Lifelab and fact checked by the University’s science department, although we gave some guidance on how to get the best results on camera.

The videos were filmed with two cameras at our studio in Southampton. (Although technically we used our office next door.)

We also handled all of the editing for these videos, including sourcing stock music and designing an animated title sequence. Both the title sequence and studio set feature artwork designed by children Maytree Infant and Mount Junior Schools in Southampton. These were the students’ submissions for the COVID Warrior design competition, which the puppets were based on.

These videos were funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

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