University of Southampton – Lifelab Health Warriors

In 2021, Lifelab at the University of Southampton approached us to produce a series of videos about COVID-19 aimed at helping primary schools explain the pandemic to their pupils. The videos featured an ensemble of puppet characters called the “Covid Warriors”, as well as two presenters James and Fi. The videos spoke to children about matters such as vaccines, wearing a mask and coping with anxiety.

Although the videos were originally going to be distributed to schools in Southampton, the educational programme – of which our videos were the backbone – was picked up and rolled out nationally to schools across the country.

As the pandemic started to become more manageable, the need for Covid-focussed educational materials declined. But the puppet and video based programme had proven to be a massive success, and Lifelab were keen to continue using the format for other educational resources.

So, the puppets were rebranded and became the “Health Warriors”. Their new mission? To support Primary school children as they learn about all aspects of a healthy lifestyle through a series of fun and engaging activities.

Over the course of 3 days we filmed 13 new videos in our studio in Southampton. The videos saw the return of our presenters Fi and James along with Ace, Buddy and Q and a few renamed puppets; Crunch, Snooze and Wizz!

As well as filming, we also handled all of the editing, stock music and graphics for this project and we think the finished videos look super!

The video above is a short introduction to each Health Warrior puppet and their superpower. The other 12 videos explored their superpowers in more depth with the puppets using a bag of tools to help convey each of their objectives.

As always, the scripts were written by Lifelab and fact checked by the University’s science department. However, our team was actively involved in turning the scripts into engaging videos, using our creative and technical experience to turn the concepts into reality.

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