University of Southampton – Widening Participation and Social Mobility Strategy Introduction Video

The University of Southampton recently unveiled its new award-winning Widening Participation and Social Mobility (WPSM) strategy. The strategy is all about getting young people from different backgrounds into university. For example, people whose parents didn’t go to university, or people from ethnic minority backgrounds who don’t consider university an option for them. It’s about showing young people that there’s a path for them, even if they hadn’t considered it before.

The new strategy needed to be communicated to the rest of the university to ensure that everyone was on board. Our task was to create a series of videos that conveyed the new strategy in an engaging way. The Widening Participation and Social Mobility department specifically wanted us to flex the university’s brand guidelines to create something that stood out and was eye-catching, but didn’t deviate so far away that it felt like it wasn’t created by the University.

The videos were filmed in our studio against a black backdrop. We then animated the videos to emphasise key points, and used a mixture of B-roll and archive content to enhance the video.

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