University Of Southampton – Campus Tour For Schools

The University of Southampton asked us to produce this campus tour video for their Widening Participation and Social Mobility team. The WPSM team works to reach young people who might not have previously considered university, such as those whose parents didn’t go to university, or people from minority backgrounds who don’t consider university to be an option for them.

Aimed at school children in years 6-7, this video is a very early introduction to university and what it is. It shows off the different facilities and departments at the university and is designed to be fun and engaging.

At the time of filming, in-person campus tours were limited due to COVID. This video is both a substitute and a teaser for in-person tours.

Filmed over a few days, our team worked with the student presenters and the WPSM team to capture each of the different areas of the University’s Highfield campus. We helped with the scripting, ensuring that each area linked to the next. We can also take credit for some of the cheesier puns, too!

A tour video is a great way to show off your facilities and can be a valuable promotional tool for your business. If you would like to learn more about how a promotional video can benefit your business why not get in touch?

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