Video Production

Example pricing bands for our video production services.


Up to £1,500

Most simple promotional, training and event video projects fall into this pricing band.

They typically include:

  • One day of filming on location or at our studio with one or two crew members.
  • Two days of editing.
  • Professional voice-over recording.
  • One key video with several shorter edits for social media.

£1,500 to £5,000

For more ambitious, in-depth projects that typically:

  • Require multiple days of filming.
  • Utilise multiple cameras and bigger crews.
  • Incorporate bespoke animated elements, or other intricate post-production techniques.
  • Need a lot of scripting, planning or other pre-production work.
  • Or have several high-end videos delivered at the end of the project.


Outside of really ambitious one-off projects, this band is typically reserved for:

  • Companies that need ongoing product and training videos.
  • Professional event organisers.
  • Marketing agencies that utilise our video production resource for their own clients.
  • Organisations that have deeply integrated video into their marketing strategies.


Example pricing bands for our animation services.


Up to £1,500

The cost of animation increases in relation to length and quality.

This pricing band could cover a high quality but very short animation, but typically it would be for a simple animated video based on existing graphics, such as an infographic, or app screenshots, complete with a music track and professional voice-over recording.


£1,500 to £5,000

This band is for projects with greater complexity. Typically, our team would be more involved with writing scripts and making storyboards, and would also produce the graphics to be animated.

The animation itself could be more detailed too, using simple characters to tell the story or incorporating basic 3D elements into the production.



This band is for high end animation projects with more detail, complex animations, or the use of high quality 3D techniques.

Due to the nature of animation, longer videos will have a higher cost too. For example, detailed instructional animations may fall into this band even if the animation style is quite simple.

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Everything Else

Our other services, including specialist services like aerial, 360° virtual reality, and live streaming are provided within our standard video production and photography rates.

The only exception is our time-lapse service, where we charge per site visit throughout the period that our cameras are installed.

For more information about these services, or a bespoke quote, please get in touch.

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