How To Add A Video To Instagram

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Instagram is growing in popularity by the day, with the introduction of Reels allowing the platform to compete with the likes of TikTok. Long gone are the days when Instagram was simply a photo sharing app!

If until now you’ve been relying on images alone, you may be wondering how to add a video to your Instagram profile. Although many users upload directly through the app, we’re also going to cover how you can plan your video content ahead and schedule your posts via Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Posting a video to the Instagram app

Let’s start with the app directly. If you already have the video on your phone, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Instagram

If you don’t have Instagram already, follow these instructions to download the app and create a profile.

Step 2: Tap “Post”

Tap the + sign at the top of the screen. This will allow you to create a post. Once you’ve tapped this, your most recent image will show as a preview of your post.


Step 3: Choose a video

Choose a video from your media library. Videos are indicated with a duration in the bottom right hand corner.

If the video isn’t square, you can use the arrow icon in the bottom left hand corner to adjust it to the screen. You can also tap and hold your finger on the preview of the video to arrange it within the grid. You can see an example of this above.

Step 4: Apply edits

Instagram offers you the ability to add filters to your video. You probably won’t need to do this if you’ve had your video professionally produced.

You can also trim its length and set a cover for your video. Check out our advice for choosing a video thumbnail to help your video stand out.

Step 5: Craft a caption

Now’s the time to write a great caption for your Instagram video. Take advantage of the location feature to help people find you locally, and add hashtags that are suitable for your account and post.

Step 6: Tap “Share”

Your Instagram video is now published and looking #awesome.

Schedule a video for Instagram with Creator Studio

There are other ways to add a video to Instagram, especially if you’re trying to organise your content in advance. Scheduling tools such as Creator Studio are great for planning your posts, giving you the ability to execute a strong strategy.

If you prefer to schedule your content in advance, Facebook’s Creator Studio is a great tool to get your social media organised. To schedule a video post, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Creator Studio

Typically, your Instagram and Facebook page will be linked, allowing you to log in to Creator Studio with your Facebook account. This will also give you access to any other pages you are an admin for, and their corresponding Instagram accounts.

Step 2: Select Instagram

At the top of Creator Studio you will see the Facebook and Instagram logos. When you click Instagram, you’ll be posting on that platform.

Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram
Facebook Creator Studio for Instagram. Notice how Instagram is selected at the top.

Step 3: Create Post

Now that you’re in the Instagram side of Creator Studio, click “create post” and choose “Instagram feed”. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll need to select the account you wish to schedule for.

Step 4: Upload content

Now it’s time to upload the video you want to post. Click “Add content” and “From file upload” to find the file on your computer.

Step 5: Write your caption

Write your caption, giving your followers some context about your video. Don’t forget to add hashtags (maximum of 30) and add a location to your video post. You can also choose to draft, schedule or post immediately to your Facebook page at the same time.

Step 6: Schedule your post

Next to the blue “Publish” button there is an arrow that’ll give you other options for your post. Click the arrow to see scheduling options or draft your post. If you’re scheduling your post, choose a date and time and click schedule, then you’re done!

Recommended video sizes for Instagram in-feed videos

Here are the standard formatting requirements for Instagram in-feed videos:

Video length: Maximum of 60 seconds

Required video dimensions: Maximum 1080px wide

Preferred format: MP4

Frame rate: 30fps or below

If your video has been produced for Instagram by the team at Southpoint Films, you won’t need to worry about these. Your videos will already be suitable.

What if your video is longer than 60 seconds?

As we’ve already covered, the maximum length for in-feed video content is 60 seconds. But if your video is a little longer, don’t worry, you can still post on Instagram.

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube. It allows you to post longer-length video content, which is great for tutorials, explainer videos, demos, and other types of video that need a longer duration.

How to upload to IGTV

When you try to post a video to Instagram that’s longer than 60 seconds, the app will ask you if you want to share it as a “Short video” or “Long video”. Selecting “Long video” lets you upload the video to IGTV. You’ll be asked to choose a cover for your video, then you can add a title and description.

Posting to IGTV
Options for posting to IGTV in the Instagram app.

Because IGTV is solely for video content, you can add a video to a series. You can also share a preview of your video to your Instagram feed. If you use Facebook, you can also make your video visible on your Facebook page too.

Planning to release an IGTV in the future? The good news is, you can also schedule your IGTV content via Creator Studio. If you refer back to our previous steps, at step 3 simply opt for “IGTV” instead of “Instagram feed”.

The steps here are very similar to an in-feed video post. However, you can also choose to share a preview in your feed, view IGTV video requirements (if you’re still unsure!) and select a thumbnail for your cover image.

Simply schedule as you would your in-feed post, and you’re done!

Next steps…

It’s never been easier to share video content on Instagram. What started as a simple photo sharing app is now a media consumption powerhouse. It’s definitely a channel that businesses should be paying attention to.

Of course, a successful Instagram strategy is nothing without excellent content. If you need high quality videos and photos for your Instagram profile, why not get in touch? We’d love to create awesome content that helps your business stand out.

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