How to grow your business abroad

17th May 2019 No comments

Whether you’ve grown as much as you can in your local market, or there are economic forces such as Brexit working against you, it’s important to look at getting your products and services in front of new customers that can buy from you. So, what’s the best way to grow your business abroad? Well, with clear, engaging and scalable communication… something that video is ideal for!

In short, here are our top four reasons for investing in video to help your business reach new markets.

It’s affordable

Moving your business into a new territory is traditionally expensive. In the past you would have had to send a sales person to demonstrate your products to new customers at their premises. This costs a lot of money – not just in travel, but also in occupying that person’s time.

By using video you can give a full demonstration to a customer anywhere in the world, at any time, from the comfort of your office – in fact, your video can be delivering your sales pitch while you’re busy doing other work, spending time with your family or even sleeping. With a well produced video, your prospective customer will be able to get the full picture before they commit to the sale – and before you commit to winning it.

Unless you make the video yourself there is still going to be a cost involved with making the film, but even if you hire a video production company to make the video for you, there’s a good chance that the cost of making it will be less than a plane ticket and a hotel for the night. If you can reduce your outgoing costs by just one in-person demo, the video has broken even.

Video can help you scale

We’ve already touched on how video helps during the sales process, but video can also help you support your customers at scale. When you sell products and services you’re going to have customers that need help getting the most out of them. Video is an ideal solution for answering customer support questions, showing your customers the answer without occupying the time of your support team.

Video is timeless

Handling customers in other time zones can be tricky, and responding quickly to their requests can be a limiting factor in your business’s growth. Do you really want to be making sales calls at 1AM? Not only will this make you (or your sales team) despise your growth ambitions, but you’re not going to be functioning at your best when you’re sleep deprived.

The good news is that video never sleeps. It doesn’t matter what time your customer takes an interest in your business, your video will be ready to go with the best version of your sales pitch that’s ever existed. It’s the perfect self-service option without sacrificing the human element of your sales process – your customer will be able to see you, your business and what you stand for, even if you’re fast asleep!

Video is borderless

While borders still exist in the physical world, there are far fewer online. With a well crafted video your message can reach a prospective customer anywhere in the world. To make this even more effective, you can also look at subtitling or dubbing your videos into other languages, helping customers overseas learn about your product in their native language.

I hope you’ll agree that those are some pretty solid reasons for considering video as the gateway for helping you move your business into new markets.

If you haven’t got any videos yet you wouldn’t go wrong by getting in touch with our team. We’re specialists in creating corporate videos that work, and have plenty of experience creating videos specifically for helping your business grow – including videos in multiple languages.

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