Social Media Video Trends From A Big Brand Perspective – with Torrin Holland, Laureus

19th May 2020 No comments

Torrin Holland is a video producer at Laureus, a major sporting brand that hosts a major, annual international sports awards event. In 2020, the awards took place in Berlin. This interview was recorded a few weeks before the big day, in January 2020.

Prior to working at Laureus, Torrin was a video producer at Sony, creating video content for their online channels for Europe – including for YouTube.

In this short excerpt from our longer interview, hosted by Southpoint Films’ Managing Director Rowan Johnson, Torrin shares some perspective on the trends he’s seeing on social media regarding video content.

For context, at the time of recording, Laureus had 120,000 followers on Instagram and 150,000 followers on Twitter. Torrin’s video content is often created specifically for these platforms.

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This interview was recorded for our podcast “Are We Rolling?”  – you can listen to the full interview below.

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The transcript for this video has been edited lightly for clarity in written form.


Are there are any trends that you’re seeing with how people are engaging with video content? Because obviously with working for a bigger brand, I guess you must when you see your content out there. You must see some of the comments and stuff…


Well the general challenge in social media is that is that there’s so many people on social media. And you can be the biggest brand in the world. but you’re still going to be flooded with everyone else on social media posting about their cat or whatnot.

I do think that at Laureus in particular, we have a number of newspapers – you know, general press – that we can feed our own content to and cross collaborate on video content with, and that stuff.

At Sony we relied heavily on paid media to get through that barrage of information about people feeding their cat.

And that’s generally always the challenge. Some videos do really well, some do not. It’s challenging at Laureus because we have two different target audiences. We’ve got the awards side, which your general sports fan will probably enjoy more, but then you’ve got that charitable side that has a completely different target audience.

It’s about trying to figure out – trying to find a middle ground, and that’s our challenge here. 

I’ve had some videos that go on to do really well and we generally know why they’ve done really well. And I’ve had videos that have done so-so or quite poorly. And we know why as well.

So it’s… It’s a dog eat dog world out there. There’s no magic solution, unless you’ve people on YouTube who’ve got three hundred thousand subscribers. YouTube’s changed its algorithms to favour bigger companies. That’s the rumour I’ve heard.


No-one really knows about any of these things do they?


That’s what those smaller… they’ve still got like three hundred thousand subs, but that’s what they’ll say. And you would look at their views and you can see that they’ve just tanked for some reason.

Algorithms change all the time, so there’s no magic wand to say this video will do exceptionally well. You just have to know your audience and keep making that content that they enjoy watching and that they can engage with.

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