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Our Freelance Team

Our Team a the National Oceanography Centre

The video production industry is built on creative freelancers who are specialists in their respective fields. We'd be silly not to work with them!

To name a few, we have Pete, Gav, and James who regularly camera operate for us. We work with Tom, who’s our specialist sound engineer. Alastair, George and Mark help us with animation projects. And we have an entire roster of professional Voice-Over artists who are the voices of our work.

Working with a trusted team of industry professionals allows us to help our customers with all kinds of projects. We can help with tiny projects that need an hour or two of work. And we can assist with large productions that need teams of five, ten, twenty or more people.

If you’d like to join our team on a freelance basis, please check out our careers page. Be warned though – we only work with the best!