Everyone Else

Formally “The Team”

Our crew for the Southern Co-Op AGM and SGM 2020

The video production industry is built on creative freelancers who are specialists in their fields. Southpoint Films is no exception.

We work with a team of freelance creatives who are experts at what they do. We have James, Gav and Bradley who camera operate for us. Hazel and Kiran are our go-to Production Assistants. We have Tom, who’s our specialist sound engineer. Alastair, George and Mark help us with animation projects. Suzie assists us with our marketing, and Scott helps us with our website. And of course, we have our roster of professional Voice-Over artists who are the voices of our work.

We never take on work that we couldn’t handle in-house (we’re not an agency). But working with a freelance team lets us bring in experts for specialist tasks. It also lets us take on projects of all sizes. We can help with tiny projects that need an hour or two of work. Or we can assist with large productions that need teams of five or more people.

At Southpoint Films, our business is intentionally small. We believe this keeps us agile, lean and (importantly) affordable for our clients. We also trust our freelance team to deliver great work, on time and on budget – in exactly the same way that our clients trust us to deliver too.

If you’d like to join our team on a freelance basis, please check out our careers page. Be warned though, we only work with the best!