Drone Rules Are Changing – But We’re Ready!

1st December 2020 No comments
Drone Rules Are Changing – But We’re Ready!

Drone rules are changing. As of January 2021, the UK will be adopting new rules created by EASA. (The European Union Aviation Safety Union.) Don’t worry though – we’re already prepared!

Want to know more about the rules?

Check out our article about UK Drone Laws for a full breakdown of 2021’s new drone rules. Read more…

Back in July, our Managing Director Rowan Johnson took his A2 CoC course with UAV8. This new certificate lasts for five years and allows individual pilots to fly commercially within the A2 Open Category. In short, this gives us the freedom and flexibility to fly as we have done since 2016.

Rowan’s Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence, ready for the 2021 drone rule changes.
Managing Director Rowan Johnson’s Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence

In fact, the new rules may actually benefit our customers. For example, as new drones come to market, we’ll be able to fly in places that we couldn’t before. (Specifically, we’ll be able to fly within 5 metres of people who aren’t under our control.)

Using drones to capture videos and photos is a great way to make your business stand out. You can see for yourself with our aerial portfolio. Some of our aerial shots are breathtaking! (If we do say so ourselves!)

Although there are still strict rules around using drones, we work hard to ensure that every flight we make is safe and legal. Drones are not toys – despite popular belief! There can be serious consequences if they’re not used properly. However, our knowledge and expertise ensures your project will never run afoul of the law. We’ve even flown in controlled airspace with commercial planes landing overhead – all safely and legally.

If you’re interested in incorporating aerial footage or photography into your next project, why not get in touch?

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