Boomtown 2023 – Music Festival Camera Package

Boomtown is one of the UK’s largest music festivals, with over 65,000 attendees visiting each year. Hosted in the glorious South Downs National Park near Winchester, the festival is known for its theatrical style and immersive experience. This year, one of the main stages was designed to look like a ginormous henge. It was a spectacle, for sure! At Boomtown 2023, we provided camera packages for two of the main stages; Origin and Grand Central.

Origin, which was structured like a large henge, became home for many of the world’s leading DJs and MCs. For this stage, we provided a three-person crew. This crew consisted of two camera operators and a technical director. They were responsible for two standard cameras and three robotic PTZ cameras – one of which was placed 26 metres in the air, on the top of the stage structure, to capture a performer there, as well as the sheer scope of the festival.

Grand Central, which had an ornate but strikingly orange design, featured an eclectic mixture of DJs, bands and other artists. For this stage, we had a six person crew consisting of four camera operators, a director and an engineer. This setup allowed us to highlight every detail of the performances, from the instruments to the crowd reactions.

Across the weekend, we captured performances from artists like Cypress Hill, Sister Sledge, Leftfield, Sub Focus, Shy FX, and Chase & Status. For three days, we were live from midday until 4am! All of our coverage was broadcast live, in realtime to LED screens that were integrated into the stage structures. We also recorded all of the performances for the artists and promoters to use for their future publicities.

We were absolutely thrilled to provide two complete camera packages for Boomtown 2023. Especially as it fell on a weekend where we already had a crew booked for another festival. Being able to capture the fun, the energy and the madness of this festival will definitely be a highlight for us for a long time to come!

Why choose Southpoint Films for your festival?

If you’re looking for a camera package like Boomtown’s for your festival, you won’t go wrong with ours. All of our crew members are experienced, passionate video producers. Our camera packages aren’t simply a bolt-on to another service, such as LED screen hire and installation. With us, the video on your festival’s screens will look like the festivals you see on TV, rather than a simple video feed.

And because we’re video professionals, throwing up sponsor graphics and public information messages is no problem. We’ll make sure that everything on the screens matches the vibe, tone and branding of your event.

Get in touch if you want your festival to not only sound fantastic but also look extraordinary. Join us in transforming your event into a spectacle that goes beyond music, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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