FLEETCOR – Recruitment Video

FLEETCOR is a market-leading fuel card and payment solutions provider. They are a global Fintech company with over 10, 000 employees worldwide.

FLEETCOR asked us to produce a recruitment video for their UK sales team, to inform prospective employees what to expect when working at FLEETCOR. They also wanted to highlight the company’s core values that are at the heart of their business.

The video is presented to the camera by the company’s Vice President of UK Sales Stacey Morgan. We used on-screen graphics to highlight important information, intercut with shots of employees working to help showcase the employee experience.

Recruitment videos are a great way of encouraging candidates to apply for roles at your company. You can use video in this way to increase your reach and application rate and to help showcase your employer brand and company culture.

If you’d like to know more about how recruitment videos can help attract candidates to apply for roles at your company, why not get in touch with us? At Southpoint Films, we’ve been creating high-quality videos for businesses and organisations throughout the UK and beyond since 2013. Operating out of our studio in Southampton, we’re the perfect partner for any business that is looking to use video.

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