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About our studio

Are you ready to look amazing in our video production studio, located 15 minutes away from the heart of Southampton? It’s the perfect place for recording interviews, training videos and tutorials, product updates, video podcasts, webinars and anything else you can think of. 

The main feature of our studio is its soundproofing. Compared to other studios, ours excels at providing incredible sound quality, in addition to looking great on camera. The outside world is practically inaudible once inside. On top of that, the walls have been fitted with acoustic panels to reduce echo and reverb.

At the rear of the studio, we have a roller-backdrop with support for three interchangeable 2.72m Colorama rolls, which are usually configured for green, white and black. These can extend all the way down to the floor, and can be stood on for full length shots, if required.

After this, we can get creative. By default, we have a three-point Aputure lighting setup, with two additional panels to light the green screen. However, since none of this equipment is fixed in place, we can customise the setup to meet your requirements. The same goes for cameras, microphones and other equipment like live streaming gear.

Key Features

Soundproofing and acoustic treatment for high quality audio recordings

Roller backdrop system for three 2.72m Colorama backdrops

Wi-Fi and Cat6 ethernet port for live streaming and remote production

Free car parking and close proximity to M271 motorway

Located next to Totton railway station, which has direct trains to and from London Waterloo

15 minutes or less from Southampton city centre via most transport methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the studio soundproof?

Officially, we would say that our studio is 99% soundproof.

Although our staff are extra quiet when the studio is in use, we do have neighbours in the same building. Loud sounds in nearby parts of the building may still be heard faintly. However, these sorts of sounds are not loud enough to be picked up by our microphones and don’t interrupt takes. When we say it’s quiet, we mean quiet!

If you’d like to hear how our studio sounds, please take a look at these example projects filmed in our studio. We would also be happy to supply an unprocessed sample audio track on request.

What facilities are available at the studio?

Our studio is part of our office, so it has a number of facilities that you can make use of while you’re here.

  • Toilet.
  • Kitchen with kettle, fridge and microwave.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Free parking.
  • We also provide complimentary tea and coffee.

Before, during and after the shoot, customers are welcome to use our office space for working on their laptops, and we can provide power for chargers.

Additionally, our office is a short walk from a number of conveniences, including a supermarket, coffee shops, and Totton town centre, which has a variety of food and retail outlets.

Does the studio support live streaming?

Yes, we use the studio for live streaming and remote productions all the time. We have fast broadband internet with 4G redundancy, and the studio has a Cat6 ethernet socket in the room.

If you’re looking to host a webinar, virtual interview, live podcast or dial in a remote producer, we can facilitate it with ease.

Can I dry hire the studio? (Can I bring my own cameras and crew?)

Generally, we don’t dry hire our studio. It can only be booked alongside our filming or video production services.

However, if there’s something we can add to your production, we may be able to accommodate a “wet hire”. For example, assisting with a live stream or similar technical requirement.

We don’t offer unsupervised hire of our studio, without a member of our staff involved with the production.

Can I visit the studio to see if it meets my needs?

Of course! Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation viewing. We’d be delighted to show you around.

Filmed in our studio

Check out these examples of projects that contain filming from within our studio.

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