Flowplant – Harben Desilter Demonstration Video

Flowplant builds high pressure jetters, pumps and systems for industries including telecommunications, waste management, energy and offshore oil and gas.

Flowplant asked us to produce an informative promotional video for their water jetting system that cleans out pipes, drains and other similar industrial or commercial ducts.

Our crew travelled to a customer site in Nursling, Southampton for a one day shoot to film the video. There were a couple of small challenges on this shoot, one of them being that we needed to get the camera into the box to be able to film the duct. The solution was to use a small, waterproof action camera to capture the desilter in action. The sun also kept disappearing behind the clouds which meant we had to do a bit more work in post production to make sure the lighting matched up across all of the shots.

After the filming, we edited the video and had a voice-over recorded by one of our professional voice-over artists. We think the finished video delivers an impressive level of information and is a great promotional tool for Flowplant.

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Style: Promotional,

Techniques: Filming, Voice-Over,

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