No matter the project, we can find the perfect voice for your video

Have your video narrated by a professional voiceover artist of any age, accent and gender. We outsource to professional voice-over artists to meet your requirements, ensuring that we use the most suitable voice for your project.

Listen to our playlist to hear examples from our most popular voiceover artists.

Don’t worry if you can’t hear what you’re looking for – we have access to a number of talent directories, casting databases and voice-over agencies that will help us find the right voice for you.

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Bring your own voice

If you’re trying to build your personal brand, or perhaps you’re working to a tighter budget, providing a voice-over yourself can be a great solution.

Our studio in Southampton is fitted with a noise-dampened voice-over booth, allowing us to record you or a member of your team to a professional standard.

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Southampton Voice-Over Booth

Foreign language voice-overs


Need your video dubbed into another language? No problem!

To date, we’ve produced videos with French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic language voice-overs for a variety of promotional and training videos.

Whether you’re supplying somebody to read the script in another language or you need our help to source a foreign language voice-over artist, our foreign dubbing workflows make it easy for our team to convert videos into any language, even if we don’t speak the language ourselves.

Get started with your next voice-over project

Whether you’re looking to incorporate voice-over as part of a broader video production project, or you’re looking for standalone voice-over services, our team can help you get what you need.

All we require is a bit of information about what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with our thoughts and price.

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