A young woman stands in our soundproof voice-over recoding booth, reading from a tablet in front of a studio microphone with a pop filter. The walls are lined with acoustic foam to dampen noise, and she is wearing a casual black hoodie. She is recording lines for the character "Read Dog" in a project we worked on for the University of Southampton.

Your video could sound amazing

If you’re working on a video project where the narration isn’t spoken by someone on-screen, you’ll need a voice-over. However, the last thing you’ll want is for your wonderful video to be let down by a poor voice-over recording. That’s where we come in!

As part of our video production service, we can help with sourcing and recording professional voice-overs. We have our own in-house voice-over booth, and we also have a roster of skilled voice-over artists that will be able to give your script the impact and excitement that it deserves. (And even a touch of drama, when required!)

The perfect voice for your video

We have a roster of popular voice-over artists that many of our clients use for their video projects. You can hear some samples of their voices in the playlist. Give them a listen!

However, don’t worry if you can’t hear what you’re looking for. We also use a number of talent directories, casting databases and voice-over agencies that will help us find the right voice for you.

We just need to know the gender, age and accent you’d like, then we’ll give you a selection of voices that you can choose from.

Bring your own voice

We’ve equipped our Southampton studio with a dedicated voice-over booth. It’s perfect for projects where who is recorded is important.

Maybe you want to build familiarity with your customers by recording the person that will handle their enquiries. Or you might be trying to build a personal brand, where recording your voice is imperative. (It can also be a more cost effective option!)

Additionally, we have portable voice-over recording kits that let us record voice-overs on location. These give us an incredible amount of flexibility, letting us record somebody wherever they happen to be. For example, we’ve used these kits to record voice-overs with students at schools, since taking a child off-site can be difficult.

No matter how or where you want to record, we’ll have a solution that works for you!

Split image. On the left, a close-up view of a voice-over recording setup, showing a professional microphone mounted on a stand with an acoustic foam background. On the right, a portable audio recorder with a digital screen showing levels and timecode is in the foreground, with headphones beside it. In the blurred background, a room with chairs and a window can be seen.

An example of a video we’ve produced with French dubbing

Foreign language voice-overs

The overwhelming majority of our videos are produced in English. But what if you need your video dubbed into another language? No problem!

Over the years, we’ve produced videos in a variety of foreign languages, such as French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Whether you’re supplying somebody to read the script in another language or you need our help to source a foreign language voice-over artist, our foreign dubbing workflows make it easy for our team to convert your videos into any language, even if we don’t speak the language ourselves.

Hear for yourself

Check out these recent projects which include voice-overs that we’ve recorded or sourced.

Add a professional voice-over to your next video

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