Proclense – Restaurant Construction Project

Time-lapses are a fantastic way of capturing construction projects, and this video for Proclense is no exception. In the video, you can watch the construction of a new restaurant at Hillier Garden Centre in Botley. It really pops up before your eyes!

Filmed over several months, we deployed four battery operated, all-weather time-lapse cameras to capture the progress. Each camera captured a unique angle of the project, helping us keep the edit interesting.

These cameras are ideal for outdoor environments where access to power is tricky. They can also be mounted to scaffolding, fencing and other objects. In fact, we even mounted one to the suspended ceiling in the kitchen. They’re really flexible, and were ideal for this project.

To complete the project, we captured a series of professional photos. These show the completed restaurant in all its glory. We also incorporated several photos taken by the client, who visited the restaurant on opening day.

Overall, this short video captures the entire process from start to finished. If you’re interested in having a video like this for your business, why not get in touch? Whether we’re capturing a day, week, month or year long time-lapse, we’d love to help.

Time-Lapse Camera
One of our time-lapse cameras filming for Proclense at Hillier Garden Centre in Botley, Southampton.

Style: Promotional,

Techniques: Time-Lapse,

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