A photography studio. A stack of three cardboard boxes with Lokn'Store branding is placed in front of a large green backdrop. There are lights either side, a camera and an iPad running photo edited software present.

There's no substitute for genuine photography when you need high resolution images for your business

Over the years our clients have told us that they love our approach to video production, so we’re delighted to extend this same approach to capturing high resolution photographs too.

Whether you need action shots of your product or service, portrait shots of your team, aerial photos360° VR photos for services like Google Maps, or photography coverage of an event, our team can help.

Our photography services are available either independently or as part of a video production project.


Real Estate Aerial Photography at Southpoint Films

Aerial Photography

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – or drones, as they’re known to most – allow us to capture stunning images from heights of up to 120m.

As qualified holders of a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA, we’re insured for all of our aerial activities, meaning that you’re in safe hands with Southpoint Films.

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360° VR Photography

Immerse your customers with 360° VR photos, which can be uploaded to services such as Google Maps to give customers a virtual tour of your business.

Our 360° VR cameras are portable and discreet, which makes capturing this style of photograph easy and affordable.

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360° VR Video and Photography Camera
Fareham College Portrait Sample

Photography for video-first projects

Our video production team are always happy to take a few photos in addition to the video we’re capturing – as long as we know in advance, so that we can bring the right camera.

If the filming schedule is too tight, such as at events and conferences with a packed schedule, we may need to provide a dedicated photographer who can focus solely on capturing still images.

Either way, by working with Southpoint Films we can guarantee that you’ll get the images you need, regardless of whether they move or not!

Let's work on your next photography project together

We love working on photography projects. If you’ve got one in the works, we’d love to hear from you. All we need is a brief overview of what you’re looking for so that we can get back to you with our thoughts and a quote.

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