The Landscaper’s Circle – Virtually Limitless Launch Video

The Landscaper’s Circle is a marketing support network for professional landscapers. To help their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Landscaper’s Circle launched Virtually Limitless, a virtual conference. The event featured presentations from industry leaders, as well as the team at TLC.

To help promote the event, we were asked to create a short animated video that could be used on social media. One of the main destinations for the video was Instagram, so we created the video in 1:1 (Square) aspect ratio. This meant that the video could be used on both the timeline and in Instagram Stories without being cropped.

Before starting work on the animation, TLC provided us with a storyboard and some sample graphics. You can see a few of these below.

As you might expect from a group of marketing experts, the graphics provided by The Landscaper’s Circle looked great. We took the images, broke them down and applied our animations. We also added upbeat music and subtle sound effects. The end result is the video that you can see at the top of this post.

All in all, this video required two day’s worth of animation effort, making it an affordable animated video solution.

Style: Events (All),

Techniques: Motion Graphics,

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