Service Availability During The COVID-19 Pandemic

19th July 2021 No comments
Service Availability During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you still operating?

Yes. We’re still open and fully functional. Continue reading for more information about our service availability and what we’re doing to keep our customers and staff safe from COVID-19.

On the 19th of July 2021, the UK Government lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in England. The way we’re allowed to operate has changed compared to when we were under lockdown.

Although things are “back to normal”, we will still be taking appropriate measures to ensure that our customers and staff remain safe while working with us.

Our services will continue as outlined below…

In-Person Services

Several of our services are typically performed in person. These include filming, photography and live streaming.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve put measures in place to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. These include:

  • Wearing face coverings when working indoors with others. (Except presenters while they’re on screen.)
  • Maintaining social distance, and maximising it wherever possible. This includes limiting in-person meetings to those that are essential.
  • Sanitising equipment that needs to be touched by multiple people, such as lavalier microphones.
  • Reducing crew sizes whenever possible.
  • Reducing our use of public transport.
  • Encouraging staff to take Rapid Lateral Flow Tests regularly, especially before working with others in environments where any or all of the above measures cannot be taken.

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in England, however, we will encourage our staff to continue COVID-19 measures whenever they feel it is appropriate. For example, when working in enclosed indoor spaces with other people.

Equally, we will implement any of these measures on request for visitors to our offices and studio who would feel more comfortable with them in place – no questions asked. We will also continue to operate Track and Trace at our offices and studio via the NHS COVID-19 app. The safety and comfort of our customers and staff is our top priority.

For location work, most of our clients have COVID-19 procedures of their own. As with any site safety requirements, we will always comply with these without question.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been making use of a COVID-19 Risk Assessment. Even with restrictions lifted, this will still be at the top of our minds when approaching projects. Prior to any production where there is a greater risk than usual, a written risk assessment will be completed, and the appropriate measures will be taken.

You can download our COVID-19 Risk Assessment template below.

Download our COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Take a look at the risks we assess when carrying out filming during the coronavirus pandemic. You can download our COVID-19 Risk Assessment in PDF and Apple Numbers formats below.

Download as PDF • Download as Numbers

All staff members must also comply with all local coronavirus restrictions in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and when traveling abroad.

If you have any comments or concerns about our COVID-19 procedures, please get in touch.

1906 Edit Suite Opening 4

Remote Services

Many of our services, such as editing and animation can be carried out remotely, without our customers present. The COVID-19 pandemic will not affect these services.

Most of our post-production work is still being carried out safely from our edit suite, and our staff can work from home when required. Under either circumstance, we have full access to all of our current projects, and we also have access to our production archives too.

Whether you are starting a project or need a re-edit of archive material, we are ready to assist you. No task is too big or small, simple or complex.

If you’re interested in discussing a post-production project, please submit a brief or get in touch.

Going Forward…

Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s every chance that the information on this page may change. We’ll continue to keep it up to date with our current service offerings.

We have a wide range of services, and there’s a chance that what you’re looking for might not be covered in this article. Unless we say otherwise, we’re continuing to operate as fully as possible around whatever restrictions we have to work within. Regardless of what you need, I’m sure we can find a solution.

In the meantime, please stay safe – and we look forward to working with you on your next video project.

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