Turbo Service International – Rotterdam Walkthrough

Turbo Service International (TSI) is an established worldwide turbocharger service and spare parts provider. Over the last few years we’ve filmed a number of videos for TSI. Recently, TSI asked us to film a walkthrough of their facilities at their flagship engineering location in Rotterdam.

To create this video, we used a small video camera on a gimbal, which kept the camera steady while our operator walked around the building. The fast edits help keep up the pace of the video, and also hide the cuts where we spliced together different takes!

Although we were primarily in Rotterdam to film content for a larger “company overview” promotional video project, we were also tasked with capturing content to produce a virtual tour of the facilities there. This is where this video came in.

To complement a more technical and interactive 360° VR tour that we were also making for Turbo Service International, this video is designed to give viewers a short and controlled look at the facilities in Rotterdam. Unlike the 360° VR tour, which is available as an interactive experience on the company’s website, this video can be used on social media, at exhibitions, and in presentations. It’s a great example of deploying different video styles to give the best experience in each context.

On top of that, this project shows why it’s important to work with a video partner that can produce a variety of video types. All of these videos were produced within one visit, which meant that there was only one short period of disruption for the TSI team before everything went back to normal and they could get back to their day to day work, instead of being movie stars!

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