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14th February 2018 No comments

Following Carswell Gould’s recent award wins for campaigns featuring videos produced by Southpoint Films, we asked Ed Gould from Carswell Gould about why he continues to use Southpoint Films as a video production partner for his agency.

Our job is to make our clients look awesome, and we do that through creating really cool creative comms campaigns which could see us doing absolutely anything. Over the last few years the campaigns and the clients we’ve been working on which have done the best business and won the most awards happen to have included video content from Southpoint Films, and that’s both a testament to them as a company but it’s also a testament to the way that our industry is going; that video has become synonymous with content-led campaigns.

Specifically, Ed references two campaigns for John Mason International, which saw Carswell Gould and Southpoint Films’ creative teams working collaboratively to produce relevant and engaging content that played on current events at the time.

After five years of working together on projects for a variety of clients, Carswell Gould continues to use Southpoint Films for their video needs. In Ed’s words:

I keep coming back to Southpoint Films because I’m able to work with them in a way where I get stuff done. And in a busy world of working in an agency, or any business, getting stuff over the line on time, on budget, in the right way, and in an enjoyable way where you’ve actually enjoyed the process, that for me gives a lot of satisfaction. And more than satisfaction, it means I get the stuff done. That’s really important for me and that’s why I personally keep working with them.

For more information about how we can help your business with your promotional and marketing content, take a look at our Promotional Videos page.

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