Testimonial from Blackhill Studios

25th February 2019 No comments

In 2018 we were approached by Tom Gibson of Blackhill Studios to produce a promotional video for his recording studio, which is located just off London Road in Southampton.

With our guidance, a simple request for a promotional video turned into a series of videos plus a video strategy that saw the studio using video to target different audiences and markets effectively – all of which was filmed in just a single day, keeping costs down.

In the video above Tom shares his experience of working with Southpoint Films and some of the benefits of hiring a professional video production company, even as a small business.

Image is very important so having a good quality video that people look at and go “wow” is mega important. Southpoint Films were the obvious choice for high quality videos that were going to look right.

Following the filming, the videos we produced for Blackhill Studios have been a great success, with many customers (particularly B2B customers) watching them before booking in. One client even booked a studio session because Tom was seen on screen wearing a t-shirt for a band that they liked!

Additionally, the team at Blackhill Studios have been able to repurpose clips and graphics from the video for their video blogs which they’ve been filming and editing in-house before sharing them on social media.

To read more about this project check out our portfolio. If you’d like to see how we can help you please get in touch.

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