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Blackhill Studios Promotional Series

We were approached by Tom Gibson of Blackhill Studios to produce a promotional video for his recording studio, which is located just off London Road in Southampton. Founded in 2016, and with the studio seeing great success following, Tom knew that it was time to show off what made his studio’s approach different to his local competitors.

Tom’s initial brief was to produce a single promotional video in similar vein to ones he’d seen for other studios in the area. After speaking with Tom to identify his needs, we went from producing a single promotional video to producing a series of videos that would be more effective in different circumstances. In total, we produced two key promotional videos for the studio – a longer version for his home page and a shorter version for social media, a “bio” video for Tom as a producer,  and three customer testimonial videos. (One of which featured “Archive” footage of the band during their recording session, provided by the studio.)

The filming took place on a single day, with careful planning on Tom’s part to make the most of the time he had available with our crew, based on our suggestions. We then produced rough edits of each video before iterating on each one based on Tom’s feedback and preferences. On completion of the videos we provided Tom with advice on where to put his videos online, where to place the videos on his website for best impact, and which video hosting platform he should be using to direct his customers in the right direction – in this case we suggested Wistia. (This is all considered a part of “Video Strategy”.)

After the main promotional video was finished, Tom provided us with this reflection:

We shot an interview with me, testimonials with clients and shots of the studio. The shots look great and I know it will be a great promo tool but the day also made me reevaluate Blackhill Studios mission statement and gave me a great insight into what we really offer, how customers view the business and how it has affected their lives in ways I could never have thought. It was a bit life/business changing.

In total, all seven films took one day to film and two days to edit, placing this project in our “Band A” pricing category. It’s a perfect example of how, with a good plan in place and the right guidance, a lot of value can be extracted from a fairly small amount of filming, which is a big contributor to keeping the project low-cost.

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