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Ricky Smith, Strategy Development Director at Industrial Cleaning Equipment shares how training videos produced by Southpoint Films have helped ICE grow their business, which is now one of the largest cleaning equipment suppliers in Europe.

Saving Time, Money, And Improving Service With Professional Training Videos

Industrial Cleaning Equipment are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of commercial cleaning equipment. Their products range from small vacuum cleaners to large scrubber dryers and beyond.

With customers like Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsbury’s to service, ICE regularly rolls new equipment out across the country. As part of a roll out, ICE provides their customers with training. Although ICE’s products are easy to use, this training ensures that cleaning operatives know how to get the best results from their new kit.

Historically, ICE would send a trainer to every customer site to deliver the training in-person. Although this worked when ICE was smaller, it was becoming time consuming and costly. As ICE started completing bigger rollouts, they simply couldn’t get a trainer to every site.

In 2013, we started working with ICE to create product training videos. These short videos are presented by ICE’s staff and show how each piece of equipment works. They’re also subtitled to help viewers with accessibility requirements, or for whom English isn’t their first language.

Now, ICE send these videos to many sites instead of an in-person trainer. This has worked incredibly well for ICE, as Ricky Smith tells us in his testimonial. (Video above.)

Additionally, Ricky has had great experience working with Southpoint Films:

“Southpoint Films have been excellent throughout the whole process of recording the training videos. What I would say about them is that they very, very quickly understood the brief. They were available to come and conduct the actually videoing. They were extremely quick in the editing process and supporting us in actually getting the videos out to marketplace. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Ricky Smith, Strategic Development Director at ICE


For more information about how we help companies use video to improve their training, take a look at our training videos page or get in touch.

We’ve also produced a separate case study about ICE’s use of training videos, which provides more detail about how ICE have deployed their videos.

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