The Power Of Video For Conferences And Events

5th August 2017 No comments
The Power Of Video For Conferences And Events

Knowledge is the most valuable asset that’s shared when a speaker stands in front of an audience and delivers a powerful, informative and hopefully entertaining presentation. The only problem is that, all too often, many of the messages are lost when the presentation has ended as the audience has been either making notes of what is being said or the amount of data included in the presentation has resulted in information overload. (We’ve all heard the phrase “Death by Powerpoint”.)

Video is a great solution that adds value to each presentation for the speaker, audience, stakeholder or sponsor. For the organiser, a recording of an event can reach people who couldn’t make it on the day. As an example, ask yourself how many times you’ve watched a TED talk, then compare that to the number of TED events you’ve been to. A recording of your event can help with marketing for future events or the videos can be sold to the public as a source of additional income.

For the attendees, the fact that the event is being recorded allows them to be fully attentive to the speaker as they no longer need to make notes during the presentation. Knowing that a complete version of the event will be available online also gives delegates a chance to be bolder with their choices if the event features multiple presentation tracks. Or they may simply choose to take a session out to network with fellow delegates or visit exhibition stands because there’s a reduced fear of missing out. After all, the main reason to attend conferences and events in-person is for networking.

A recording of your event also gives it a longevity that it wouldn’t have otherwise. This is great for sponsors who will receive extra value from seeing footage shared across the web with their logo emblazoned on it.

However, simply recording the presentations isn’t enough. The videos need to be edited promptly and shared in a way that delegates can find them when they need them. Additionally, some events will want to sell their videos to the public, others will want to share theirs with only the delegates who came (or delegates who paid extra for video access), and others may wish to give their content away for free as marketing for the next year.

All of this is doable with the tools and technology available to us now, and at Southpoint Films we can help with every aspect of event video production. For more information, please get in touch.

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